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Living Well 4 Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to empower, equip and encourage individuals to live productive and successful lives. Living Well 4 Life provides resources and connections in four key areas to help individuals achieve emotional, physical, spiritual and professional balance. Living Well 4 Life calls attention to the challenges faced by women and veterans and families and provides opportunities for these communities to set and reach new goals. 
Women's Initiatives
Living Well 4 Life provides a platform for women to create space in the world to thrive in a number of arenas. 
  • Space for Her Conference
  • Healthy Living Workshops
  • Training & Education 
  • Community Connections
  • Nutritional Health Education
  • Raising Healthy Children
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Career Guidance/Counseling
Supporting Veterans

After serving our country, Living Well 4 Life helps to bridge the gap for veterans. A myriad of resources and services are provided to veterans and their family members.
  • Veteran Benefit Workshops
  • Access to Healthcare 
  • Nutritional Education
  • Community Referrals
  • Employment/Career Services
  • Education & Training 
Soldier and Family Reunion
Family Life Skills Learning Center (Coming Soon)

The Living Well 4 Life Foundation is a Life Skills Affiliate Program partner.  Through this nationally recognized program, families gain life-changing skills in communication, bonding, commitment-making, stress management, forgiveness, trust and accepting responsibility. Skills are also taught in processing feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, shame and bitterness. Classes are taught weekly in separate groups for men and women and juveniles.  
  • 28-30 week program consists of one three-hour session each week
  • Address root issues associated with physical, verbal, psychological, emotional, economic, silent abuse, rejection, manipulation and control
  • Available to be facilitated at your church, non-profit, workplace or organization
Happy Family
Therapy Session
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